Vattenfall Europe Mining AG

Customer profile
Vattenfall´s vision is to be a leading European energy company. This implies that they should aim to be there customers’ preferred choice as energy supplier, and manage their assets more environmentally effective than what could be expected from their competitors. Furthermore, Vattenfall should actively contribute to a sustainable development in society by developing energy solutions for the future. Finally, Vattenfall's size and profitability must match or exceed that of the major industry players.
Their mission is to enhance  customers’ competitiveness, environment and quality of life through efficient energy solutions and world class service. There is a demand for robust solutions to customers’ increasing energy needs and dependencies. They have a capability, experience and knowledge to meet this demand and thus create customer satisfaction, which is a key requirement for retaining and growing the customer base profitably.
Vattenfall has defined five strategic ambitions to help the company realise its vision of becoming a leading European energy company. They are as follows:
  1. Continue Profitable Growth
  2. Be the Benchmark of the Industry
  3. Be Number One for the Customer
  4. Be Number One for the Environment
  5. Be the Employer of Choice
The heavy haul railway infrastructure suffers from wear & tear due to intensive use. Especially frogs and thermit welds need to be repaired or replaced on a frequent basis, causing possession and down time
On site / in field UIT Treatment of
  • 6 Frogs UIC60
  • 8 Thermit welds UIC60 – Ri65
  • Enhanced life of infrastructure
  • Reduction of possession and Down Time
  • No replacement of expensive switches