Helix Energy Solutions – FPU Producer I

Customer Profile
Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. provides life-of-field services and development solutions to offshore energy producers worldwide.
Helix actively reduces finding and development costs through a unique mix of offshore production assets, service methodologies, and highly skilled personnel.

The vessel M/S Karl is transformed into the Helix Floating Production Unit [FPU] Producer I. The transformation took place at the Rijeka shipyard in Croatia. Helix identified the Interface Structure for the Moon pool as a fatigue critical area.

Ultrasonic Impact Treatment of:
  • the fillet welds of the T bars welded to the Ship Hull
  • The fillet welds of the side bracket plates at the T bars welded to the ship hull.

Reduction of down time and inspection regime due to reduction of residual stresses and an increased fatigue life of the critical areas in the Interface Structure.