Wieland Werke AG

Company profile
Wieland is the worldwide supplier of outstanding solutions and superior services. They specialize in semi-finished products made of copper and copper alloys complemented by other materials and products.
They support and nurture the further development of there workforce within an entrepreneurial performance culture.  
Wieland is a market leader in their core business with a global network of partners.
  • Existing 35 Tonnes High Output Production Press experienced repetitive cracking of parts
  • One crack causes a major down time and loss at a standard production volume of 60 Production Cycles an hour
  • Type of material: Casted Steel 20 Mn 5
  • Repair welding of the crack,
  • Stress relieve by UIT Treatment
  • Reduction of future repairs and down time
  • Repair and UIT Treatment has been executed early January 2008. The repair is under monitoring