OHL Engineering GmbH

Company profile
OHL Engineering is an internationally operative engineering company designing turnkey units which are handed over to the customer as such. From the initial inquiry on, OHL Engineering is responsible for the planning of the process steps, for design and calculation through to the delivery of the unit with erection surveillance, initiation and test run.
The focal points of OHL Engineering are the units for post-condensation of plastics and the complete units for recycling PET bottles.
  • Enhancing the fatigue properties of an old Tumble Dryer at their customers production facility after crack repairs.
  • Preventive treatment of one of their new Tumble Dryers in order to enhance products quality and fatigue life.


  • UIT Treatment of repair welds including assembled strengthening plates.
  • Preventive treatment of at the end of the present Stiffener plates located at both bottoms and their connection to the Dryers drive shaft


  • Increased fatigue strength of the repaired areas and prevent the initiation of new fatigue cracks because of the compressive stresses introduced at these areas.
  • Enhanced product quality.