Petrochemical Industry

The challenge in the Petrochemical market
Gas is worldwide the fast growing energy source. Mainly used as fuel, but also basic component for the petrochemical industry. Therefore new build installations all over the globe will be developed in the nearby future.
In the petrochemical market it is evident that maintenance and repair is more then important to environment and life in general. Repair and strengthening of welded details are thus of great importance in order to extend the life time and safety of existing petrochemical installations. Down time has to be avoided and inspection minimized.
Benefits of UIT
UIT extends the fatigue life of welded details, not only for new manufactured structures but also for existing structures in service having a certain amount of fatigue damage.
UIT improves weld details by lowering the residual stresses, reducing the potential for stress corrosion cracking, increase the resistance to brittle fracture and material strength enhancement.
UIT can be applied as alternative to PWHT, saving down time significantly.
New build installations
When using UIT treatment after welding it enhances fatigue life or reduces material on construction with the same lifetime expectancy as normally calculated with common technology.
Typical application
Reduce down time at repair of valves, lines and joints. Post Weld Heat Treatment (PWHT) requires a local heat source (in situ oven or thermo blankets) and take 8 to 16 hours at least. Applying UIT as alternative to PWHT saves time and costs. UIT can be applied directly after welding at higher temperatures.
Other applications are air coolers, absorbers, feed drums, separator drums, condensate pots, reactor heathers, heat exchangers, steam condensors, pressure swing adapters, static mixers and piping of the installations nearby rotating equipment, etc.