Heavy Tooling & Machinery

The Challenges in the Heavy Tooling & Machinery market
Companies in this market segment are constantly challenged by their customers to improve the product quality and in the same time to reduce the costs. Extension of the product life and material / weight saving is therefore very important.
Benefits of UIT
Besides the possibility to extend the fatigue life of welded details, it is possible to reduce weight significantly.
UIT improves weld details by lowering the residual stresses, reducing the potential for stress corrosion cracking, increase the resistance to brittle fracture and material strength enhancement.
Typical applications
UIT can be used to enhance the fatigue life and reduce weight in many different mechanical parts.
  • Chrankshafts, axles, and exle assemblies, flywheels, gears, piston rods, and aluminium rim..
  • Cast steel: improve stress corrosion and sufrace stat. Turbine blades, axles and cylinders
  • Cast bronze propellors and switches