The challenges in the Aerospace market
The never-ending need for improved technology, increased reliability, and regulatory compliance continues to challenge the aerospace industry.  The Aerospace manufacturers are constantly working on solutions to:
  • Reduce development costs and accelerate time-to-market
  • Reduce fuel requirements, extend range, increase cruise speeds and raise service ceilings
  • Enhance passenger and crew comfort by improving cabin ventilation, heating and cooling
  • Improve high-speed aerodynamics to develop cost-effective supersonic military applications
Benefits of UIT
EsonixUITcan help manufacturers to save material and thus reduce weight by improving the weld details. This can be achieved because UIT lowers the residual stresses.
Typical applications
EsonixUIT can be used to enhance the fatigue life and reduce weight in many different aerospace components, such as:
  • Aluminum body and wing plates
  • Turbine blades
  • Stator rings
  • Shrouds
  • Frames