The challenge in the railway market
Due to heavy investments in high speed lines and the TERN, Trans European Railway Network, day to day maintenance and renewal was not on top of mind. On top of that strong Safety Regulations and Possession Management make long possessions to maintain the railway infrastructure almost impossible. In some European countries privatisation of the infrastructure did not help the quality of the railways either. However a new type of infra manager has appeared and since some time professional management tools like RAMS, Total Cost of Ownership and Risk Management are introduced.
The benefit of UIT
UIT can enhance significantly the fatigue life of the track, switches and crossings. As a result the maintenance and inspection regime require less possession time and reduces the chances on cracks.
Typical applications
Frogs and switch blades. UIT increases fatigue life of expensive railway components like frogs, switchblades, etc .from 2 million Cycles to a minimum of 8 million Cycles and prevents and stops Squats.
RCF, Rolling Contact Fatigue. UIT improves resistance against Rolling Contact Fatigue and Head checks.
Thermite Welds. Increasing life time of (thermite) welds by applying UIT on the HAZ of the weld. The thermite welds will be as strong as the rail causing less weld brakes and increasing safety.

Prof. Dr. Leykauf is testing RCF & UIT at the technical university of München
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