Customer Profile
Bridging over distances, gathering information, and combining separate components into one. This is the day-to-day work of VolkerRail. Not only literally through the railway construction activities, but also by understanding that infrastructure means more than just combining separate components. The ability to survey and understand complex projects is invaluable nowadays, and that is where the strength of VolkerRail lies in.

The working method of VolkerRail concentrates on survey and understanding. All business units are at their best on complex projects. But that is not all. More and more VolkerRail is taking over the responsibility for the control of budgets, planning, reliability and quality from its customers.

VolkerRail combines the disciplines of railway construction, maintenance, and control and installation techniques. Through this unique combination VolkerRail has become a leading authority on innovation and integration.
  • Increase life time of welds
  • Reduce possession of infrastructure & repairs
  • Preventing train accidents
Specially developed mobile UIT system developed to treat welds

Enhanced fatigue life:

  • As welded: approximately 2.5 million cycles
  • After UIT:   approximately 8 million cycles