Rusch Crane Company

Customer profile
Rusch Crane Company is based in Zwaag, The Netherlands. More than 20 years crane experience is available for maintenance, repair and modification of any type of crane and crane boom.
Customer challenge 1
Rusch wanted to reduce downtime by reducing boom repair frequency.
The solution 1
To reduce the boom repair frequency, UIT is used to treat hot spots during repair. This results in extended fatigue life.
Customer benefits 1
Rusch offers the clients higher quality repair for booms resulting in extended fatigue life and therefore less downtime of the cranes.

Customer challenge 2
Rusch is building long crane booms of up to 90 meters. This unique design is only possible by using high strength steel, like S960. Fatigue is a problem for these long crane boom sections.
The solution 2
By treating the weld with UIT, the required fatigue strength is reached.
Customer benefits 2
By building the extended booms using S960 steel in combination with UIT treatment of weld, Rusch is able to offer unique solutions to its customers.
Rusch broke a record by offering the first 60 meter boom and now a 90 meter boom is being build where UIT is used.
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