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How to reduce downtime,
enhance fatigue life
and rehabilitate structures
APPLIED ULTRASONICS is world leader in supplying innovative technologies based on the use of high powered ultrasonics for enhancing the properties of metals resulting in increased asset reliability.
Technology to improve material quality and reliability
EsonixUIT (Ultrasonic Impact Treatment) is an innovative post weld improvement technology to improve the fatigue life and fatigue stength of welded parts. It can be used to enhance both new and existing structures and mechanical components. 
The following benefits of UIT are provided:

Enhancement of fatigue life [n]:
                        Post Weld Improvement Factor ≤ 8

Increase of allowable stress [MPa]:
                        Post Weld Improvement Factor ≤ 2

Applicable Industries
There are numerous industries that benefit from the application of EsonixUIT which include: Offshore, Petrochemical Industry, Shipping, Heavy Lifting & Cranes, Heavy Tooling & Machinery, Wind Turbines, Steel or composite Bridges, Automotive, Aerospace and Railway.
What advantages can you obtain by applying EsonixUIT Technology
  • Significant increase of Availability and reduction of Down Time
  • Extend the fatigue life of new and existing structures
  • Increase surface hardness
  • 20% - 40% material saving


  • Plastic deformation of the surface
  • Alteration of the stress profile
  • Creation of compressive stresses to a depth of 2.5mm
  • Relief of residual tensile stresses to a depth of  max. 15mm