Company Profile

Our philosophy is to supply high quality solutions consisting of leading edge technologies, combined with a team of highly qualified and professional consultants, in a manner that enables our partners to enhance their products and services and in so doing increase market share. Through a structured partnership with our customers, APPLIED ULTRASONICS ensures successful and reliable application of the solution.

About Us
APPLIED ULTRASONICS’ is the world leader in design and delivery of solutions using high-energy ultrasonics for the enhancement of metallurgy. The team of experts; lead by Dr. Efim Statnikov, the forefather of many ultrasonic based technologies, includes engineers and scientists from a variety of different disciplines including material science, metallurgy and high frequency acoustic specialists.
Through this highly qualified team of experts APPLIED ULTRASONICS has developed solutions for large heavy manufacturing industries including automotive, heavy truck, shipbuilding, bridge manufacturing and repair, and aerospace. These solutions include manual applications, semi-automated and fully automated integrated manufacturing and machining processes.
Applied Ultrasonics Europe
Applied Ultrasonics Europe is an incorporated company of VolkerWessels and Applied Ultrasonics Inc. Our key focus is to offer primary support to all users of the Esonix®UIT technology while at the same time offering professional services, development, and growth for the use of the technology within Europe.

About VolkerWessels
VolkerWessels is a Dutch-based construction group whose core activity consists of the design, development, realization and management of construction projects. Within the company a total of 17000 co-workers (spread over approximately 125 operating companies) give their daily interpretation to our theme: building together on home, work and transportation. For more information visit the website

The foundation of Applied Ultrasonics
In 1972 ultrasonic impact technology was developed and has since been perfected by a team of Russian scientists under the leadership of Dr. Efim Statnikov for use within the shipbuilding, submarine manufacture and aerospace industries.

In 1997 the Esonix®UIT technology found its way to a group of professional businessmen in Birmingham, Alabama. Having extensive background in the steel, engineering and manufacturing industries, they immediately recognized the significant benefits and potential for the technology. They acquired all rights and patents to the technology to create the company APPLIED ULTRASONICS. The core ultrasonic impact technology was commercialized in 2002 across the globe by establishing partnerships with professional companies in Europe and Asia.

APPLIED ULTRASONICS currently owns 5 patents on the technology and applications thereof, 46 partner patent applications in various areas of the globe, and has numerous more patents pending.

By continuing to develop and improve the Esonix®UIT technology APPLIED ULTRASONICS will remain the leader in providing high quality solutions for large heavy manufacturing industries.