HS2R, High Service System Rental

Full-service rental of equipment 24/7
To Applied Ultrasonics, providing rentals is more than just delivering an EsonixUIT system. You can always rely on expert advice, application engineering, a flexible approach and a solution-oriented delivery. Once the equipment has been taken into operation, you can always call on Applied Ultrasonics. With its own service engineers and mechanics, Applied Ultrasonics will provide the assurance of a reliable solution, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
The benefits of temporary rental
  • Gather know how and experience with applying UIT free of obligation to buy.
  • Solve your problem without investments of your own and without the risk of faster depreciation. Renting does not affect your credit facility, i.e. the development of your core business. 
  • Postpone the investment in a new permanent installation or the expansion of an existing installation to whenever it suits you best. Renting also prevents a forced choice of a new installation. 
  • You may also extend the rental period at any time. 
  • Service and maintenance guaranteed during the rental period. 
  • You know exactly what your costs will be for the entire rental period.

Applied Ultrasonics makes the difference

  • Expert advice, exactly tailored to the object or product to be treated
  • Immediate response in case of calamities or in case of a temporary need for additional capacity 
  • Always perfectly maintained and up-to-date installations 
  • Clear-cut offers and turnkey & full service without any loopholes